If Bill Clinton truly wants to help his protégés...

Landry Louis - December 12 2014, 11:53 AM

If Bill Clinton truly wants to help his protégés, Martelly and Lamothe he must gave the resources and the means to satisfy the need of the people; mainly, provides employment and food. The unemployment rate in Haiti is 80%.

That is 80% of Haitian cannot feed their family in Haiti.

That is why the people are in front of the palace complaining nights and days about their miserable living condition.

Would you accept this condition in the US?

When you were president of US would you in any way interfere with the electoral process?

Knowing that the senatorial election is vital for true democracy, would impede the election process?

These are rhetorical questions.

These conditions will not be allowed to subsist in your country.

Why the Haitian people must accept them?

Why not help your puppets to create real and tangible jobs in Haiti to solve the crisis in Haiti, like you did in the US while you were president.

The sad thing is Haiti can feed its people and build roads, hospitals, schools and airports with or without your help. Haitians have done it before, many times.

As the requisites, human and natural resources are still in place as they were before.

A good, competent and true nationalist leader is what is missing.

Perhaps it can happen sooner if the United States stops interfering in Haiti internal affairs.

You have been trying to help to avail for a long time. It is time to...

or get off the pot!

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