I have to give the truth, I am 100 percent with the Martelly...

Patrick Princivil - September 30 2014, 10:27 AM

I have to give the truth,

I am 100 percent with the Martelly and Lamothe's government not because I know they are good persons, because they was in the big country like U.S, they should know if they take loan on Haiti's shoulder from other countries they have to pay bak, they should know what collection mean.

We don't want coco-rate Haitien President like before who will borrow money on Haiti's shoulder and don't pay, that's why we prefer only Haitian's diaspora who know well about loan, morgage including all kind od credit to rule Haïti properly; we need a President who have heart to pay his bill properly because if they fail to pay these bills we will pay pay the price like they have done from 1986-2014; I don't really care about papa doc baby doc: they was dictators.

We want President Martelly or Lamothe become the next President but, they have to know that, six senators don't to sign about fixing article 12 whatever for Diaspora to have full power to rule the country properly this is their business.

But if the President Martellt already made is plan to put Lamothe President in 2015; what is the point of accepting 108 candidats to go in the election in 2014?

They know they will not win for President why they have to throw their money in the garbage?

This is something we have to think about.

Let us find a positif way to fix the issue,

My opinion is: wait until Juanary 15/2015; kick out the six Senators, now President Martelly and Lamothe can go in the election in 2015 if any other politic's party in the diaspora, try them in something not for low money, in the future if they work enough they will be able to go in the election in 2021; this is very simple.

Find a way to support the six senators in other activities after the President kick them out if they are interested.

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