Haiti - Martelly-Lamothe government, a government who cares about the diaspora and the poor, but the wicked keep fighting...

Patrick Princivil - September 19 2014, 8:21 PM

I like that!

Even thou the anti Martelly and Lamothe's government become more jealous.

I am trying my best not to bring anybody down, instead of bringing people down I prefer to bring people, but I am very jealous too, I am jealous against the sin and against Goverments who don't have any record about what they have for Haïti for a very longtime in Haiti, no such thing of choosing anything as a model development of Haiti for many and many years.

Now we found President Martelly, Lamothe with a government we start to give credit, a government who care about the diaspora and the poor, but the wicked keep fighting because they can't eat the food they try to spit on it. The Haitian's government should establish a law about if the record of everything they have done within the five years they work for the Haitian's government, if they can't prouve it they will not be able to go in the election.

That's why a lot of lazy who spent almost 5 years as Senators and Deputy, instead of working for the money they spent all their money to buy old tires in Dominican Republic to burn in Haiti; tire's burners want to kick out President Martelly and Lamothe, just to have temporary President because they want (rat pa kaka) like them to finish with the Haitian's people.

We want President Martelly with Lmothe to lead Haiti for life.

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