Haitian people stop concentrating on people instead of what...

Han Nohen - September 16 2014, 8:59 AM

Haitian people stop concentrating on people instead of what you can do to better the country.Stop arising the people like a bunch of ignorant goats unable do differentiate right from wrong what's help them or not.A former president does not have the momentum to move the country anywhere.

Whatever the constitution provide should not be removed from a former president.The former president should prove his loyalty to the country by respecting and cooperating with its established institutions and discouraged any uprising that will worsen the country's welfare.

If a judge summon a former president to go to court it should be strictly about the law devoided from anything else and with all respect he should go to court answer the allegations and prove his innocence like every other citizen.

Jean-Claude Duvalier went to court.

I understand Haiti is a country that arise out of hate but there was a legitimate reason for it however the name hai-tien is a curse.When are we going to be civilized?

The Dominicans are very ashamed of you Hai-Tien, can you blame them?

reason why they humiliated the people.

Maybe if we change the country's name to "Amoretti" following a spiritual warfare Ceremony where the whole country fast for 7days like Niniva the curse will be lifted.

Changed the citizen's to Amoret-Tien then we will experience love, peace and prosperity

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