Without hypocrisy, forget about all the mistake Jean Bertrand...

Patrick Princivil - September 4 2014, 1:31 PM

Without hypocrisy,

forget about all the mistake Jean Bertrand Aristide have done when he was President; forget about what he has done on Réné Préval's aministration.

But if the Haitian's government realize on President Martelly's administration he is doing wrong thing like gang' members, illegal weapon, killing people for sacrifice etc including anything against the law, the same way Clifford Brandt can be in the prison today: President or not have to have the same penalty.

If Jean Bertrand Aristide figure out he was wrong and he was taking God's name in vain, if he doesn't do bad thing anymore now Jean Bertrand Aristide repent, this mean he worship God in heaven properly, I will not see any reason to arrest him.

The last part is: remember we are sinners, if Jean Bertrand Aristide uses take drug, but he doesn't sell it to people just forgive him; the pressure Jean Bertrand Aristide has on his shoulder make him getting old.

If the guy keep doing staff against the law just reveal it to the public and give Jean Bertrand Aristide his punishment, but if no search thing from when he came back until now September/2014; just set him free.

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