Jah love. I am seriously offended by your response to this...

Marie Nadine Pierre - August 15 2014, 4:21 AM

Jah love.

I am seriously offended by your response to this situation.

Your reaction is outrageous, unfair and based on a lot of prejudice and misinformation.

Why are you not calling for the death of the Duvalier death squads and the Tonton Macoutes that killed thousands in Ayiti over the 29 years that they were in power as illegal dictators?

And why is Jean Claude Duvalier not locked up in prison with the rest of the dictators?

You are really ignorant and Jah will deal with you accordingly.

You and your benefactor Satan will feel the wrath of truths and love.
Blessed love.

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This guy is a criminal the Haitian's gouvernement...

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