This guy is a criminal the Haitian's gouvernement have to pull...

Patrick Princivil - August 14 2014, 10:50 PM

This guy is a criminal the Haitian's gouvernement have to pull out their finger nails to fix their business, the whole Aristide's gang have to go in the jail, their are the Jean Bertrand Aristide's drug dealer and criminal.

The Haitian's government have to put the whole police and Munistha on duty 24 hours and kill Jean Bertrand Aristide when he dies all the cockroaches will fold their wings, this is the best way to finish with that crap or deport Jean Bertrand Aristide out of that country, but the best way is to kill him.

May curse fall on all of them, May disaster finish them, may all kind of distress fall upon them, may Satan and all the bad angels destroy them, may God in heaven double governman lakay's power, may God in heaven seal réponse payizan with the Holy Spirit, may the Haitian's police have full power to wipe out Lavas party and (MOPOD) Unité may everyone work together with Martelly, Lamothe and the Haitian's police to develop Haïti properly, Haïti is not a pice of cake.

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