According to the law Nul n'est au dessus de la loi no one is...

Jean Christophe - August 14 2014, 1:38 PM

According to the law Nul n'est au dessus de la loi
no one is above the law
use this as an example in a democracie seating Presidents can be investigated.

no matter who you are there is no protection when you commit criminal acts.
There is written in the law Immunity for public officials.

do not misunderstand Immunity as the right to kill and extort while in office.

President Nixon President Clinton and even the noble peace prize winner Obama is in trouble these days
why should he not confront these allegations why should he not go in front of the judge to answer question relating to criminal activities that he's suspected of being involved in,
I think its a good thing to let the world know that you are innocent

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