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Sem M Philippe - July 1 2014, 11:33 PM

7/1/2014 by: Sem Moise Philippe

I am sorry if you have taken my comments in a negative way. I am just trying to be constructive based on my own views towards a better Haiti.

You have nothing to do with them because you have just reported what was told, heard and left to the readers their opinion.

If you still think otherwise, I apologize!

Hello Woodring, nice to read your daily newsletter.

I suggest that you contact some elders about the age of this prominent intellect who was Lesly Manigat, notwithstanding his political positions in history; To researchers and historians their job!
I remember that I was a young lyceum when my late father was commenting with his friends about the Haitian political landscape.

Among others, the story of Lesly who got to run into exile under papa Doc.
It's unfortunate that Haitian is too consumed by politic.

So many giants of culture had to offer their knowledge to others, while the country of origin attempts on landing in a swift decline.

Some European, South American and Antillean countries have benefited from Dr. Manigat teaching professionalism.

Politic of self-destructive brothers with all the alias and stigmatism, which has perpetuated since Independence, still remains a motive of the masses attraction for politicians.

Until when will we make our Country a priority.

Until when will we think Nation before our personal gain. Only then, all parties would come to a common goal before their personal wealth.

Sound idealistic! some would say utopia, but isn't it the way all great Nations happen to succeed?

Earlier this year I had gotten a flow of tears into my eyes after viewing the famous video-interview of the neurologist and Dr Jean P Metellus recorded only one month before his death in France.

He was a man who left Haiti, under fear, in 1959 with only $ 75 in his pocket.

At his death, he has written 34 books, conquered two doctorates one as a neurologist (Brain specialist), another one doctorate in linguistic.

Those are examples which request the thoughts and questions of real Haitian thinker or maybe honest politicians of tomorrow.

N.B--I am not a politician and do not have any political ambitions.

I am just an independent individual who is concerned and asking to myself questions about my country of origins due to a system which has too long spirally, perpetuated to the "detriment" of what we call COUNTRY.

If these change acceptable, please publish my comments.

Thank you and good luck Fellow!
Peace to your soul Dr L. Manigat!

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