I am not sad for the dead, but Lesly Manigat had a desire to...

Patrick Princivil - June 27 2014, 9:16 PM

I am not sad for the dead, but Lesly Manigat had a desire to make Haïti better, Leslie Manigat was a President who stand in front of the American's government to feed the Haitian's nation 3 times a day, I don't know what deal he made with General Henri Nanphi, when a President care about about Haitian's suffering it mean something for me. All I can say if he repent before he dies, God will save him, next.

Let's us focus on President Martelly to lead Haïti for a minimum 12 years, I give him credit, but he has to remove Carnaval, rara etc in that country.

The President Martelly is to relax with the nation, a Christian or a President can't have friend, they will not respect him. Jesus was the best person on the earth to heal the sick, to feed the needy and nice to people, but he didn't have friend, whatever how good he was they killed him about Président Martelly?

He has to stop that, 1957-1986 if somebody insulted Président François Duvalier and Jean Claude Duvalier this person's blood would give him or her shower, not because of the democracy any coco-rate have to go in front of the parliament of Haïti to tell the President whatever they want, the police of Haïti don't give good example, Réné Préval, Jean Bertrand Aristide, MOPOD, Unité Oposition, Lavalas don't give good example they have to stop it, see you

I am doing my best to do some volunteer to protect my own people.

Happy Sabbath.

(Exodus 20:3-17)

See you on Saturday night.

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