I wash my hand about that one, They talk about El Rancho I...

Patrick Princivil - May 28 2014, 1:17 PM

I wash my hand about that one,

They talk about El Rancho I don't even understand what they talk about.

Let us share about El Rancho in creole because I don't understand, Simon Dieuseul Desras can be wrong or right, I will not say anything for now. But I believe that, Lamothe is working with Martelly because the Président choose him. I want Président Martelly find a way to kick out all Lavalas and Unité and other party who are against Président and Lamorthe in the parliament of Haïti. This is clear, these didn't give the nation of Haïti any chance for Président they wanted, this just fill the box with Jude Celestin's votes, Président Martelly didn't suppose to take even one month to kick them out of the parliament of Haïti. I understand that, we don't need anymore dictator in Haïti, Président Martelly and Lamothe can do the job properly, they have to hire their own people to help them to fix that country.

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