When the blind Haitians kick Martelly and Lamothe out who will replace them?

Patrick Princivil - May 15 2014, 3:13 PM

Diasporas ! Christians or not!

What do you say in a situation like that?

Are you agreed with animal's humans in Haïti to kick out Président Martelly with Lamothe like that?

When the blind Haïtiens kick them out who will replace them. This is impossible, we can't let Président Martelly and Lamothe go like that, be greatful.

He works for the money; you have to understand that, if we give Président Martelly our support about about helping Haïti to do better we will have a better country.


Let's go and help the President, (lakay sé lakay).

Factories of nuclear weapons are in progress everywhere in the world wide, we don't know about the future, but God in heaven knows, we can't block whole war 3 but God can block it and he can let it happen.

Be prepared, maybe Président Martelly can be the one who will build more shelters in Haïti for us to sleep in Haïti in day of disaster, open your eyes. There was anti-King David Solomon, Esther, Joshua, Moses and Joseph too. I believe that, in Jesus's name the tail will keep going to be head.

God bless you.

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