Francois Duvalier was very smart but he surrounded himself with stupid people

Patrick Princivil - May 13 2014, 6:56 PM

What I can say in that situation is: I can see the Prime Minister Lamothe is a very educate person, I want him to understand that, François Duvalier was very smart just for himself, he kept Jacques Gracia beside him because Jacques Gracia didn't know how to even read; Ti Bobo was a very good partner for him because Ti Bobo didn't know how to read, the same ti Bobo became like a robot in Haiti to abuse people of Haïti anytime they want, all his partner was like that just to stay on power, when somebody finish school in Haïti, François Duvalier offered this person a visa for US etc. if this person refused he kill this person just to stay on power.

( Président avi).

This kind of selfishness like that may not apply in Haïti anymore.

US government figure out it worked in Haiti they used the same strategy in Haïti 1986-2010; just to keep us in the darkness: (poupou nan la rue, chien mouri, mou'n mouri nan trou régo, la boue dlo sal, fatra, pat gin okin service en Haïti depuis 1986-2010).

Don't forget that! Take airplane from Port-au Prince Haiti to Miami it will take you 1 hour 15 minutes to get there.

US is nice and clean Haiti was like garbage not even the white pigs etc. wasn't able to survive in Haïti. Remember ! Almost everybody is looking for their own profit.

I want you to know that today, the same way God let people from 21 years old entered in Canaan, Joshua entered in Canaan not even Moses entered in Canaan.

I am telling you the truth: The older generation of Haïti is corrupt, they will not make it. (Pieds bwa yo déjà fin'n crochi sé sèlman manchèt ki solution an).

All the older's people will die with their bad mentality, but the younger's people of Haïti will see the beauty of Haïti. Keep given the children good education and teach them not to steal and not try to give service under the table for an additional 1 or 2 USD to the diasporas only and people who have money Haïti. Teach them to serve the rich and the poor at the same level.

(Méskin sa yo pap wè beauté Haïti)

Président Martelly and the prime minister: Laurent Lamothe know better than the old corrupt Haitian's government, all they have to do just try to find good people in US-Canada, La France etc. they may know, give them good offer and ask them for help in Haïti and slowly ! Slowly they have to kick out all the old corrupt people in the Haitian' s government.

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