Haiti - What will the current administration do to stop those protests?

Mwen-pavle Babouket - April 16 2014, 2:02 PM

The Haitian rights must be respected as far as protest and free speech without no fear of reprisals from the government spies, in 1985 in front of Sagesse Quincaillerie close to carrefour Pean near rue st martin a tonton macoute arrested a young man for complained that he was hungry.

Today what the current administration is going to do to stop those protests after 3 years in office will the government use the same old dirty techniques which led to the departure to exile scores of Haitian politicians exploiters.

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Eske pep Ayisyen konnen li pa bon pou yon peyi ap chanje gouvenman nan mitan manda-l?

Mezanmi... An nou fè yon ti chita koze... Nan zafè politik peyi Dayiti, opposition an gen yon sel agenda... FOK MARTELLY ALE.....

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