We say we want Democracy. Then we turn around and said we...

Mitou - February 16 2014, 9:50 PM

We say we want Democracy.

Then we turn around and said we can't accept any one to participate in this Democracy.

We have a problem.

Haiti can't be governed by the Masses.

It will alwways be a Fiasco.

Leaders who came from the Masses have never brought excellent solutions to the crisis of their country.

Haiti could never be an exception to this rule. Castro was not from the Masses, he came out of the "Bourgoisie" to change Cuba foe real. When Leaders come from the Masses, they will never do good. Why?

They truly don't know what is good to do. Beside, They don't have the connection to put in function the Efficient Members of their Secretary (Group).

Mostly, they camne from poor background and want to get rich in a short period of time. They never help the advancement of their country.

Duvalier son is from a rich family and have learned from his mistakes to do well as the new President of Haiti in 2016. Some haitians will not accept his nomination because of his past mistakes, but if Haiti has to move toward the development it will be with someone the world and the United States are confident enough to bring their assistance without reserve.

Everyone is playing with Haiti at this moment because they feel the country doen't have someone to trust.

Think about placing someone in the "Bourgoisie to govern.

You will see the advancement in less than 10 years.

Eliminate the UFC fighters of the Senate and Congress of Haiti.

Some of them are poor of Education and Formation.

More, some are without any Know How to be in such position.

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