Jean-Claude and Francois Duvalier, the beautiful work they have done from 1

Patrick Princivil - January 25 2014, 5:17 AM

Oh! Oh! We are not stupid, Jean Claude Duvalier have a lot of experience to lead the country properly, Fraçois Duvalier and Jean Claude Duvalier did not have a long experience from staying in US-Canada, La France, China including all the super power in world wide, look at the beautiful work they have done from 1957-1986! The issue was the tonton makoutes was so wicked in that country, if Président Martelly, Lamorthe, Jean Claude Duvalier can fix la douane properly, EDH, airport minister of transportation, having a proper insurance for cars, trucks etc. the traffic is so bad there, if a poor hit a reach man's car, because the poor man don't have money to repair that reach man's car, the rich will pull out a gun and shoot that poor man or woman, I am honest with you guys, Haïti is a very dangerous country, you have to be careful, when somebody drive in Haïti and hit somebody 's care first the driver come out with is gun in hand this mean fix his our her car or he will shout you because the car insurance is to cheap the government of Haïti don't collect enough money to repair car accident if they are willing to fulfill everything Président Martelly would like to fulfill in Haïti why not?

I don't want to see worker in the Haitians's Goverment doing crap under the table, if they have heart to control that situation in a proper way it will be great.

In the name of Jesus-Christ May all of them and their families take control over Haïti for ever. Remember that! US government and Pope Francis, Vatican including the corrup countries who are already applied same sex married in the the world, I even shared a link on google, twitter, gmail and Facebook about president Obama kissing with a man on youtube, these guys are Président Martelly's boss, when US government stick head together with Pope Francis who represent Rome Vatican attack Haïti to apply this kind of mess in Haïti can they handle it to say know?

I prefer God in heaven send a holly man come from him to lead the country properly.

One week ago my son my wife if she is gay, our child is only 6 years old, I am tell you that very clear I am out of Haïti from 1990--2014; we are fighting to go back Haïti because of to much mess in Canada-US but the day you apply same sex married in Haïti you will no longer here from the web anymore and will never stick my foots on Haiti's land anymore, I don't want to be a Jonas, but this is my opinion.

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se sure li ka poze kandidatur kom ninpot ki moun.....

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