Haiti Politics - 50 years minimum age to be President, Prime Minister, Senator and deputy

Patrick Princivil - December 27 2013, 9:29 PM

Nothing wrong with that if François Nicolas Duvalier working in the parliament, they should have a law in young people from become Président, Primer minister, Senator and deputy, they should be minimum 50 years old to do that job. The nation of Haïti is already corrup now if you put a young person on their control the bitch will deceive them, my opinion mature people should work in heavy position like that. Let me go far: look at the senators in the parliament of Haïti! They are working against Président Martelly because they are so selfish and disgrace how young leader will be able to handle it?

November 2013 I was in Haïti in Belladere there is where we rent house, the thief go inside (la douane) and stole 4 containers full with merchandise they empty the containers and brought the empty container back inside (la douane) where was the security guard?

We need mature and qualified people to E.D.h, (la douane, airport, if I send something from Haïti to Canada-US etc nobody will try steal anything if they to tax us they will tax us, but if you send something in Haïti they will tax you so hard how they ask them to give them that money under the table, this what people are doing in EDH too, I become undercover for Haïti, they have to do better, like Dominican government came out under Haitian government's hand and fix themselves.

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