Aristide is the biggest catalyst of Haitian History... He precipitates the Haitian peoples behavior to it's worst...

Maggy Gousse - December 17 2013, 11:13 PM

I am an American born and I may say anything I want and express myself with no fear. I practice my constitutional "Right of Speech" as an American with no fear however I have modified my original opinion and do realizes that my Haitian soul have to slow down and take it easy. I toned it down, somehow! It is as-follows:

Wow, in my opinion, this man is out of his mind and continues to go even more out of his mind! Can't he follow some of the USA former Presidents example and go hide under a rock?

He had his turn, he was lucky enough to have been President of Haiti, NOW, get over it! I cannot believe he actually came out and gave a speech for Nelson Mandela's passing, trying to upstage President Michel Martelli's speech.

How sick is that?

Again, in my opinion, Aristide is the biggest catalyst of Haitian History! Meaning, he precipitates the Haitian peoples behavior to it's worst and began to do this while he was a candidate and has not stopped.

He is a problem.

Haiti is trying so hard to get on it's feet and you have Mr Devil here, trying to mess up whatever he can! And now is using his wife!

Actually, I left Haiti because of this man's speeches while he was a candidate.

I was there and I said "oops a priest wanting to be President saying what I heard at the time! I'm out of here! And left!" Stopped in California in transit and have been here ever since.

I saw it then and still see's his actions of mind destruction's! Open your eyes and see the truth about this person!

And, this I, mean it! My opinion.

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