Time for you Dominicans to accept the Dominico-Haitians as your brothers and not as strangers

Nesly Charles - December 2 2013, 11:11 PM

I hope the revocation of the criminal decision of the Dominican constitutional court.

I hope shame and deception for those who signed a such condemnation.

I hope peace and justice will restore for all Dominicans.

I hope the Dominico-Haitians will keep enjoying la dominicanidad.

I hope the society will shake hands to their brothers Dominico-Haitians.

I hope confusion for the government in that matter.

No one can destroyed what God has made.

No one can fight with God.

It's time for you Dominicans to accept the dominico-haitians as your brothers but not as strangers.

You cannot strip away citizenship of anyone.

It's time for you to think back and decide.

I hope God will defend the weaks.

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