He is absolutely correct. These government officials refuse to...

Ba-rack - October 29 2013, 1:15 PM

He is absolutely correct.

These government officials refuse to change, the population keep getting dumber due to desperation.

How can a senator be allowed to try and initiate a coup on a country that's barely standing?

Instead of arguing about which bill to pass to better the lives of the population, the pea brained idiots are initiating baseless argument about their leader selling drugs.

The media is also guilty of not putting more pressure on those crooked officials that are sucking the life out of the population.

Why not form a solidarity, a union to boycott all those that are seeking their own interest instead that of the people?

Why not inform the population of how much these officials are getting paid to do nothing?

Why not?! We are all victims; can't we just get together?

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