Victoria, I think it is time for us Haitians to start asking...

Jacques - September 4 2013, 1:25 PM

Victoria, I think it is time for us Haitians to start asking ourselves 'What can we do for our country, not what the country can do for us'.

The mentality is that we expect our govt. to feed, dress us up and everything.

Haiti is not socialist nor communism, hence the old adage...'Aide toi et le ciel t'aidera'.

In other words, those women need to elevate their game to another dimension so they can fit in, fill in the gap in order to better their position in the Haitian society.

At a minimum, one should be able to provide the basic needs for themselves and the govt. will take care of the rest. Such as jobs, infrastructure, and social programs.

Remember Rome was not build in one other words, in places like Haiti, it will take some years to get there not a couple.

At least someone has to lay the foundation then the others should follow suit.

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Pamela White needs glasses, or maybe a psychiatrist...

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