My brother and sister I know you are not stupid the way white...

Patrick Princivil - July 6 2013, 1:08 AM

my brother and sister I know you are not stupid the way white people think,

white people are stupid when they don't serve the Lord who is only God in heaven.

You may know that, black people are stupid only when they don't serve God in heaven and serve Satan and the bad angels.

Remember that: Garbage can pass in the recycle but, Satan and the bad angels not even good to pass in the recycle because the bible says: Satan and the bad angels is already have a goal to go to hell, they accept to be burnt in eternal fire but remember that: God not created us to be loss. He pass that way to save us because he loves us. He is not selfish like Satan and the bad angels and the wicked.

You can fix that shit if you want, I know that. Do not let white people kill your souls for money, this is the way Satan and the bad angels deal because they are in the rebellion against God in heaven.

Let them go to hell by themselves.

After baby doc left the power, my grand father explain to me everything, he told me: when he was tonton makoute, Paul Vericain was (magistrat) in Petion-ville, he asked him a dollars, his name was Edward Princivil.

The magistrat! Paul Vericain said to him: Edward you have weapon on you why you ask me for a dollar?

Haitian's people,

I am sharing that with you because I serve the Lord God Almighty, I have not any desire to do crime.

Have respect for God. You Know that, the rich including all the nations buy the Haitian's police people for money; the police stations and the (douanes) of Haiti are very weak for their money, why you bring that news on the table?

1) how come the police of Haiti never got paid form 4 months and more?

2) If they don't pay them, why you expect them to eat?

if Martelly don't pay them why they expect them to eat?


be careful, the criminal of Delmas 2; Cité Soleil; Bèlè etc. already buy the Haitian's police for money; don't leave your skins in Haiti, if you serve God in heaven, no problem but, if you are not for God, the wicked of Haiti will eat you before your time. Think about that! if
Pope Benedict XVI: the father of the corruption resign for corruption, about you?

My friends,

even thou Martelly send the Haitian's people everywhere in the world to be police, this will not help us if they don't repent, remember that! 99% Haitian's people are already thieves?

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