Well I arrived in Bejin last night. I will not return to...

Agent-x - August 26 2012, 10:08 AM

Well I arrived in Bejin last night.

I will not return to Chicago on September 4th 2012 as scheduled because I must go to Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia for a few days.
I stayed with family in China.

I eat dogs and cats a few times there.

The women obedience and politeness index there are very high; they are the paragon of how women should behave.

Divorce there are the exception rather than the rules.Next week, I will go to to Russia where the women there make American women look like girl scout and Angels.Some of the Russian women are worst than the Dominican Rep women.

Stop repeating Alex Jones mantra.Alex Jones exaggerated everything; he has an obsession with sex and guns. Rumors has it that he works for the Mossad.

Beside, he is anti-socialist and very selfish.You better off by listen to Coast to Coast program at night coasttocoastam.com/
http://www.coasttocoastam.com/stations.Coast to Coast is a fountain of good info except when they talk about ghost, voodoo,UFO, ET and conspiracy theories.

I heard that Guy Philippe is on suicide watch because Aristide refuse to talk to him.

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Agent-x,I know for sure Jean Bertrand Aristide don't...


Aristide minimize damages of Tropical Storm Isaac Nation pam poze

Jean Bertrand Aristide did it again in "Operation Nation Pam Poze." The Priest President Jean Bertrand Aristide...

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