Agent-x, I know for sure Jean Bertrand Aristide don't have any...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 26 2012, 8:54 AM

Agent-x, I know for sure Jean Bertrand Aristide don't have any link with the reptilian blood line, but the koksuker Martelly does.
I have trace Aristide blood line to the Dogon blood lines.

Until last week i realize there is a new strategy in hand to eliminate that blood line into extinction forever.

They don't have any empathy for the world, they end result shall be as wise.
Agent-x, your stays in Chine is questionable"Did you ate dried meats while you are there?"
That area is very famous for dried human fetuses and the best for traditional remedies.

By the way, when the pole-shifts come i hope Aristide still in Haiti to save it from volcanoes, floods,also from sinking because i don't see it in the new Navy world maps.
Remember just few months ago some agency lead by the UN sign a protection act with that idiot Martelly for all the high mountain pics in Haiti to be preserve just like they do around the world for the elites blood lines?

Just like for years they gather all mountains tops for themselves, in the USA as well.
:)The Lavalas people need to hold on Aristide as deterrent against man made disaster, mischief like Monsanto, Obama,Martelly and natural disasters" Nibiru ect :)


Aristide minimize damages of Tropical Storm Isaac Nation pam poze

Jean Bertrand Aristide did it again in "Operation Nation Pam Poze." The Priest President Jean Bertrand Aristide...

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