I was drugged in US embassy bar and raped' claims Irish woman

Agent-x - July 28 2012, 5:44 AM

Veyez zo nou Ak zinglindo sa yo ki pa respecter lois international.

According to irishcentral-com on 27 July 2012,An Irish woman has claimed she was raped in the home of a US Embassy official in Dublin 36 years ago, the Irish High Court has heard.

According to the Evening Herald, Ailish NicPhaidin, 60, has sued the Irish State because she was forced to resign from the Embassy post eleven years later.

NicPhaidin claims the incident occurred soon after she started work in the embassy in 1976, alleging that a drug was put in her drink in the embassy bar and when she woke up, she was at the home of an embassy official where she claims she was raped.

NicPhaidin, a Public Relations consultant, is originally from County Donegal and now lives in Palm Bay, Florida.


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