Mediocrity amomg most Haitian radio station sound console operators

Agent-x - July 27 2012, 9:02 PM

The following message on this documentary reflects historical facts but the audio reflects the signature of the legendary prevailing mediocrity among most Haitian sound technicians, sound console operators or sound mixers.

On this documentary, you could hardly hear what the speaker is saying because the background music seem to to be more important to the sound console operator than the message.

Most Haitian radio stations on the internet are operated by inept sound console operators.

Very often than not, blatant mismatch of sound level occurred during the broadcast among the radio announcer, commercials loudness and inaudible listeners who call the station to voice their opinions on the air. Beside this technical issue sometimes a group of guest speakers are trying to speaks simultaneously like savages during debate.

Radio Scoop, Radio National, Radio Metropole are among the few exceptions which I consider to be the creme of the creme in term of programming not necessary for content.

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