U.S Drones in the Caribbean are pregnant with potential atrocities

Agent-x - July 25 2012, 7:53 PM

The Haitian proverbs said: when your comrades beard is on fire put yours beard on water.

Haiti will not be immune to the carnage the US is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan,Somalia, Libya,Egypt, Syria and potentially toLebanon and Iran.
They distributed machine guns, sophisticated weapons and communication gears months and years before they activated the so called Arab spring in those countries.

We have seen that they are doing the same thing in Haiti by dumping sophisticated weapons to the right extremist groups in Haiti that call themselves former military and Neo-Duvalierists.Those groups are Washington proxies that are willing to stab their families for material wealth.

First they are introducing those drones under the subterfuge of combating drug dealers because they will not reveals their true Agenda.

Before you know it they will expand the drones to other areas such as killing Lavalassiens, Chavezist,Castroists etc under the umbrella of terrorists.


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