Haiti labours on. Haiti labours on.

Agent-x - July 25 2012, 5:34 PM

Haiti labours on
According to Jamaican observer on 21 July 2012, As a country of commanding landscape, beaches, fertile fields and hard-working people, Haiti has promise of self-sufficiency.

Getting there challenges paradigms and frustrates Haitians and well-wishers.

But Haiti, albeit enigmatic, is still there.

A Haitian intellectual remarked, "Unfortunately, Haiti is a peuplade, not a nation." Implicit in its history are lost opportunities and betrayal, dubious colonial legacy, corrosive class and colour cleavages, regionalism, and periodic foreign intervention.

The variety of Haitian flags displayed in a museum across from the earthquake-wrecked palace in downtown Port-au-Prince are historic indicators of a persistent quest for national identity.

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