Typical invectives against Haitians seen in Dominican press

Agent-x - July 25 2012, 4:53 PM

why is Dominican Republic #4 in the world in prostitution?

"You bash the Haitians because of their poverty and despite their poverty they are not willing to cross the line of 'self-respect' that Dominicans have no problems crossing."
I suggest you go to Santiago and Puerto Plata to see exactly what Haitian women are willing to do ..

The problem is that demand for the physically unattractive women of Haiti is low so the the South American and Asian UN soldiers and even the Haitians want lighter skinned more beautiful Dominican women who use deodorant and bathe on a regular basis.

On the Dominican side you have the Northern European tourists who want "dark meat" so the Haitian women have been selling their wares in DR mainly to tourists who want to walk on the "wild" side sort of like a sexual anthropology experience.


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