Will go to Hell, you rightly said "Dominican pas machande...

Agent-x - July 20 2012, 9:09 PM

Will go to Hell, you rightly said "Dominican pas machande" because the most destitute Haitian will think several hundred times over before engaging in prostitution, selling drugs, work for organized crimes where as Dominican will do it without thinking.

Ask any Haitian good taxi driver to bring you to the so called "Taliban nightclubs" in any vibrant city in the US;after you get there find out, find out where those so called "Taliban women" came from since they don't speak Pashto or Dari but dominican.

Go to any "fille de joie",bouzin or strip clubs establishment around Latin America, the Caribbean and Western Europe and guess who are overrepresented?

The Dominican women.

Do not belittling the Haitians and putting those Dominican on a higher status.

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After all, dominican people pa mechan jan nou panse...

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