Communique: Fool and vulgar language are prohibited on this blog

Agent-x - July 18 2012, 11:55 PM

Agent-X instructed on 17 July 2012 that effective immediately, fool,indecent, vulgar,offensive, impolite,tawdry, uncouth and vulgar languages will no longer be tolerated from the usual suspects.

Since belpolitik has a worldwide coverage because it covers a wide-range of useful topics, second to none among the Haitian blogs, Agent-X judge it is imperative to discourage impolite languages.

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Agent-x says...

Correction :The word Foul was inadvertently misspelled. It should have been: Foul And Vulgar Language Are Prohibited On This Blog more »

Beatrice Jean Louis says...

I am so glad belpolitik realized one of its blogger has no respect for women,children and other bloggers with his sexually implicit and explicit... more »