Polisye Renald Inosarme touye Louiseline Laplante

Agent-x - July 17 2012, 8:56 AM

According to Haiti liberte on July 2012, Bodies Louiseline Laplante ...

A policeman named Renald Inosarme who works in the Petionville police station, a lady called sasinen Louiseline Laplante home on Highway # 1, block area vare Jakwomen.

Louiseline was 19 years.

It was about 11 in 30 so in the morning, Renald had seen Louiseline Laplante.

They spend a lot of time discussing in a room in the house.

During the discussion it shoot Louiseline had a baby 4 months with him.

Renald after completion of the crime he came out to talk to parents Louiseline is while walking women and mothers, and another sister Louiseline go thinking it's blood bath with the baby beside her. It did not take too, but he cried out Renald Louiseline killed.

When Renald hear noise drew his gun to threaten them not to make noise, but these girls did not intimidate, he ran ahead Renald square to match it. Police killer's lands, fled to the street facing volcy Jacques Romanian.

After 30 to 45 minutes versus Jijdep

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