I don't hate Aristide but... from my point of view, this guy...

Paul - July 16 2012, 12:09 PM

I don't hate Aristide but...

from my point of view, this guy has done more harm to our country than any other president to date.
The worst damage was to tell the people that when they are hungry they have to go the rich and ask them why. That message was well received by those in despair, which is more than half of the population.

Basically it was a license authorizing pillage of any kind. This ideology is well alive is haiti because it came from the most infamous leader.

Kidnapping in Haiti is an extension of that ideology.

I must add also that he was the first president ever to declare to the people that he loves the smell of burning tires, inviting the mass to use tires to burn human beings!
His own words were " Ala yon bon Zouti, mwen renmen sant li le lap boule.

Pa ne-gli-ge ba-yo sa- yo me-ri-te".

Of course, I could not believe my ears when I heard those words coming from the man who was supposed to lead our country.

By the way, did he actually say that he would like to work in education now?

If that happens, I guess I will never see a better Haiti in my lifetime.

By the way, if he happens to read my post, I have a message for him: Stop misleading the people.

If you don't pay for your crimes, your kids will pay.

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