Best reading Haitian book according to literary reviews

Agent-x - July 13 2012, 9:22 PM

There is a difference between best seller books and best read or understood books.

For instance the Bible is the biggest best seller book, plus those Bibles that were not purchased but given free by organizations such as the Army of Gedeons while ghedee has been watching passively this great disorder under the heaven.

However, the Bible is the least read and understood book in the world for various reasons mainly it was forced on people by the missionaries and it is used to steal people lands as they do it in various part of the world at different epochs and on different pretexts.

The Amerindians cases are vivid illustration of this. When I was an acolytes in Haiti very often I spotted people in the congregation that pretended they were reading the bible during the services but they hold it upside down. Whether they were forced to purchase the Bible to make the church wealthier or they got it free, it is an insult to force an illiterate church goers to carry a book he or she cannot read.

Although the Bible does not have a cash value no higher than 0.50 cents if you make allowance for papers, ink and labor, today the Europeans currently are occupying 99.99999% the territories in the Americas by deception with this dubious currency they call the Bible.

Such practice make highway robbery and bank robbery look honorable in comparison.

Good books are rare to come by because brilliant minds are in short supplies in a world of consumerism, materialist,instant gratification spectrum to name a few. And this is why you should by this book before foreigners have the opportunity to explain it to you.

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