Flash: 13 July 2012 Port-au-Prince Public market Dufort set in fire again

Agent-x - July 13 2012, 2:56 PM

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.-Dispatches in provenance of Port-au-Prince, Haiti indicate that the Dufort public market was set in fire again early this morning of 13 July 2012.


It appears the financial elite sectors who runs the supermarkets, retails stores and various forms of banking enterprises feel threatening by the ingenious of the peasants that are competing with them. The financial elite has the money mostly from inheritance but not necessary the brain.

So those recurring fires in our public market since the January 12th 2010 earthquakes is a protracted financial aggression against the peasants with the objective to uproot, extirpate the peasants from the traditional commercial gentlemen agreements among the city bourgeois by excluding moune en dehors.

Pay attention to news laws that Martelly gang will be enacting under the guise of law and order or Etat de Droit to discourage or make it increasingly difficult for the peasants to earn a living by selling their merchandises at the public Markets while new laws will give the financial elite monopoly in those areas.

The new crackdown on contraband punish the peasant while leaving all kind of subterfuges, loopholes to the financial elite allowing them to pay symbolic tax not real taxes or no taxes at all while allowing them to charge exorbitant prices for their merchandises.

The True Axis of Evil-TAoE and the Haitian financial elite imposed the Martelly gang to Haiti for their selfish interests.

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