Upsidedown priorities where carnival has priorities over basic needs

Agent-x - July 13 2012, 6:49 AM

While the Martelly gang is using the national treasury to spend millions of dollars for useless carnival that will be held during July 29-30 & 31 as a form of therapy for their emotions, most of the several thousands of Haitians that have been homeless as a result of the January 12th 2012 earthquake in Haiti are still homeless.

The hospitals don't have the basic equipments and medications to treat routine emergencies never mind serious life threatening cases.

Government employees don't receive their salaries on a regular basis.

The financial elite is behind such practices since they are in collusion with the government.

When the employees are net getting paid they are forced to borrow monies at exorbitant rate from the financial elite
Most of the government offices, schools don't have toilet facilities and employees as well as client are compelled to use the backyard or the streets outside of the office as substitute to public toilets to relieve themselves.

Now people are being Martellyzed** at an alarming rate
**[Martellyzed is political killing by burning the body of the victims with ablaze car tires accompanied by lapidation then the victims are left on public places for dilapidation as a warning.

This is a reminiscing of the Duvalier regime.

Still homeless in Haiti
July 9, 2012


According to socialistworker-org on 09 July 2012 Analysis: Roger Annis and Kim Ives, Two and a half years after Haiti's catastrophic earthquake, housing assistance is being directed away from those who most need it. Roger Annis, coordinator of the Canada Haiti Action Network, and Kim Ives, an editor of the Haiti Libert

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