Haiti retro: Yesteryears: Hurricane Hazel and the long walk home

Agent-x - July 12 2012, 12:17 AM

According to dailyprogress-com on 08 July 2012 article by: David Maurer, With Hurricane Hazel barreling down on Charlottesville, it was a heck of a time to miss the school bus.

But somewhere between his classroom at Venable Elementary School and the bus-loading zone, 10-year-old K.G. Flower got slowed up. His ride left without him, and now the forlorn youngster faced a serious situation.

It was early afternoon, Oct. 15, 1954, and the area was about to be hit by one of the most powerful hurricanes in its history.

For perspective, it was stronger than Hurricane Isabel, which pummeled Virginia on Sept. 18, 2003.

By the time Hazel made landfall in Calabash, N.C., with winds of nearly 100 mph, it already had killed an estimated 1,000 people in Haiti.

Despite a driving rain and ever-increasing winds, K.G. decided to walk to his home on Oxford Road.

He didn

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