Flash: Disturbing news about Haiti for Wed 11 July 2012

Agent-x - July 11 2012, 5:30 PM

Miragoine, Department of Nippes [formerly an integral part of Grande Anse Dept until 2003,Haiti].

A somnolent driver inadvertently drove his truck into a cliff this morning 11 July 2012. Three passengers are dead, two others are in critical condition.

The vehicle was moving in the direction of Port-au-Prince.


Petit Goave, Department of Ouest, Haiti.

11 July 2012,Sometime early this morning Petit Goave city Hall was vandalized then smudged with human waste.

Authorities are investigating this case.


While in Equador with his defense minister Rodolphe Joazile, Michel Martelly announced his intention today 11 July 2012. to reactivate the Haitian military and the Haitian macoutes in Haiti which will be known under the pseudonyms of "Civil Defense"-CD.Since nobody is buying his CD, he is retaliating with another kind of CD

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