NYPD in Haiti. We have become aware of a situation with an orphanage here

Agent-x - July 7 2012, 11:20 AM

According to henwoodsinhaiti-blogspot-com on 06 July 2012, The NYPD in Haiti
We have become aware of a situation with an orphanage here that needs to be dealt with, immediately.

So we went off to the governing agencies that be here. After 4 hours of waiting to be questioned in Haitian conditions here were my questions;
- where did you live when you first came to Haiti
- How long have you known your friend who brought you here
- What does your husband do
- Why do you have 6 kids
- Where did you adopt them
- Are you going to adopt in Haiti
- When did you first come to Haiti
- What is your Fathers name (sorry Dad, you are on record now in Haiti)
I can not really go into details about the situation but needless to say all of these questions were completely irrelevant to why we were at the department.

But, who to our surprise was also there but the NYPD. Yep, the real NYPD. So after 4 hours of waiting to talk to Haitians about irrelevant crap, the NYPD had a statement in no time.
Apparently they are here working with the child protective services in Haiti.

They take short term assignments and then help out to do things like shut down orphanages.

So, if you want to get an orphanage shut down here you need to go though three governing agencies in Haiti and the NYPD!
I love it!
It was like a little piece of sanity in an otherwise insane day.


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