This is a followup to Judith Jolicoeur question mentioned...

Agent-x - July 2 2012, 9:59 PM

This is a followup to Judith Jolicoeur question mentioned above.

The following information could be verified by Radio Kiskeya Guess speaker on 22 June 2012,Attorney, Osner Fevry.

Yes. Haiti has the richest petrol reserve in the world.

Haiti has more petrol than they have in the Middle East.

This fact was confirmed by the Haitian Attorney Osner Fevry during an interview with Radio Kiskeya on 22 June 2012.

Mr. Osner Fevry said that the USA discovered petrol in Haiti since 1958 under the Duvalier regime but they discouraged its exploitation for strategic reasons.

USA passed a law on March 1985 stating that all petrol sources that are in countries near the USA are considered to be strategic reserve of the USA. Thus, Haiti received order not to to exploit their petrol.

Obama administration is relaxing the 1985 law regarding exploitation of petrol reserve.

Mr. Fevry said vast concentration of petrol are located Petrol in Les Anglais, Aquin,Zone Cocoyer, Saint Louis du Sud, Chantalle etc..

Beside petrol Haiti has iridium, uranium in Jacmel, Haiti
He pointed out that most foreigners such as American, French,Canadians, Germans already bought the lands were those resources are located between the years of 1970 through 1990's
Refers to Radio Kiskeya: Radio Kiskeya, 42, rue Villemenay, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Tele: 1-514-448-4448
Refers also to Engineer Dieuseul Anglade
Refers to documents From Fondation Aristide pour la democracie


Did they find gas in Haiti?

Hi, this is just a question. Please only answer if you really know. Have you heard talk about them finding gas in Haiti?

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