Agent-x, its seems you are very far to understand Martelly is...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 30 2012, 12:20 PM

Agent-x, its seems you are very far to understand Martelly is only an acting president by design.

Haiti is changing by design too, Haitians does not have a chance to understand the quick change over to catch up with the rest of the world.

Haiti was under the spells of isolation by design.

Its not important for the rest of the world if Haitians are not ready, remember African countries are in the same cooking pot.
The only way out is to get off our knees, study our surrounding wait for the right moment with the rest of the awakening people around the world that are already in the process of enlightenment.

The time is here, just in the corner.

Agent-x, i am sure you remember my boldness few months ago when i started calling every world leaders cocksuckers, they are design to bring the entire planet to chaos.

Look for the designers.

Remember, Martelly is just an idiot on wheels.

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Watch in the following months about long term...


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