Haiti open for business does not mean sell the constiution, the Citadelle

Agent-x - June 29 2012, 6:03 PM

When Martelly said that Haiti is open for business we should have people with exceptional expertise in contracts to verify those business contracts: He just sell the constitution to foreign evils doers, now he is ready to sell the Citadelle Laferiere and what will be his next forfeit.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I don't think Martelly cocksucker is brave enough to sell the Citadelle Laferiere. I know he is a crackhead but he not that stupid. I can bet you on... more »

Agent-x says...

Watch in the following months about long term agreements and/or contracts between Haiti and Dominican Republic and pay attention to some exclusive... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,its seems you are very far to understand Martelly is only an acting president by design. Haiti is changing by design too,Haitians does not... more »

Agent-x says...

I disagree with you. Martelly is not an idiot but he is functioning as the "Vice" Vice president of Haiti. We have a foreigner who function as the... more »