Wew need some educated militant mulatoes Haitians-EMMH who...

Agent-x - June 29 2012, 5:20 PM

Wew need some educated militant mulatoes Haitians-EMMH who speak "dominican" [Dominican-spanish]-DS fluently with very good social skills-vgsk or a Dominican mercenary to infiltrate the international by badmouthing the Haitians in order for Haitian to catalog the anatomy of their thinking processes about Haiti.

Recently I read that some of those people in charge of Labardee tour in Haiti are inducing in error some unsuspected not so bright visitors; they told those visitors that Christopher Columbus had built the Citadelle Laferiere.

Haitian need to investigate and get rid of such vicious revisionist racist vermines.

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Do you mean Haitians are too stupid to run their own...


Dominican manouever to take over the Citadelle Laferiere

Haitians must be on high alert about plans by Dominicans in conjunction with the Martelly crime family to steal the...

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