Dominican manouever to take over the Citadelle Laferiere

Agent-x - June 29 2012, 11:01 AM

Haitians must be on high alert about plans by Dominicans in conjunction with the Martelly crime family to steal the Citadelle through bogus lease from Haiti then they will keep it by force since they have sophisticated warship and warplanes the same way the American have possession of Guantanamo in Cuba and currently keep it by force even though their contract expired long time ago. This is the law of the jungle.

In the coming months you going to hears more about this project in cryptic and diplomatic languages.They will emphasize on the economic benefits for Haiti while minimizing the legal entanglements and their Trojan horses.

Veyez yo pou nou pas pran nan dernier coup ki va ressuciter coukou yo.


According to Dominican Today on 29 June 2012, Official eyes Haiti-Dominican joint tourism destination
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Santo Domingo.- Haiti is developing with Dominican Republic a proposal which includes Puerto Plata and Cap Haitien as a joint tourism destination, revealed Haiti Tourism Minister St

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Do you mean Haitians are too stupid to run their own landmarks and tourist sites? Nowadays,when tourists goes to Labardee,they thinks it's a... more »

Agent-x says...

Wew need some educated militant mulatoes Haitians-EMMH who speak "dominican" [Dominican-spanish]-DS fluently with very good social skills-vgsk or a... more »