US drones Secret missions over Bahamas with consequences for Haiti

Agent-x - June 26 2012, 8:39 PM

Deployment of war machine such as the drones is a declaration of war to the region where such infernal machines called drones are deployed.

All Haitians must follow the development of the US drones in the Caribbean and Latin America before they start killing our children, our families during weddings, carnival,Christmas, during family reunions or birthday.They could use them to conduct biological warfare, destroy our agricultural product, sterilize population to name a few in their arsenal of evil.


According to thenassauguardian-com on 25 June 2012 article by Candia Dames, The US has been testing unmanned surveillance flights over Bahamas for more than 18 months...Recently 23 men,5 women and 1 boy were detained.The passengers were believed to be migrant from Haiti.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

You are 5 steps behind the real agenda. You need to do more researh,than you will find the answer. Declaration of war? Agent-x,we lost that war long... more »