Thierry Mayard-Paul: the Haitian Govt plans to create a national security..

Agent-x - June 26 2012, 7:32 PM

According to [prensalatina-com], Haiti to Create a National Security Agency

Imagen activaPort au Prince, June 12 (Prensa Latina) The government announced the creation of a national security agency to coordinate the struggle against corruption countrywide, mainly in the border with the Dominican Republic.

According to Interior Minister Thierry Mayard Paul, over 2,500 men will join the unit to supervise the traffic of merchandise in the border, where the country loses some 500 million USD yearly as a result of smuggling.

Other units of the agency will involve firefighting, coastguard, environmental police, civil protection and the permanent secretariat for risk and disaster management, he said.

Last week the country launched a campaign against corruption, leading to the detention of at least 40 government officials and members of the electoral board with assets estimated at 92,000 USD, allegedly from public funds.

Haiti lacks a military force since 1994, when former President Jean Bertrand Aristide dissolved the Army in the wake of its involvement in human rights violations and coups.

In November, 2011, President Michel Martelly ordered the creation of a civil commission in charge of handling the re-establishment of the Army, prompting a rebellion among ex militaries.

The program envisages hiring a first contingent of 3,500 troops and a long-term investment of 95 million USD.

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