Radio Optimum reported scandals at the Haitian consulates

Agent-x - June 24 2012, 10:33 AM

Agent-X believe that the news below should be taken with two grains of salt and with one grain of sugar pending an investigation of this matter especially the presence of the photographer on the premises which Agent-X believe is a good thing to have. So instead of charging for the pictures, they should increases the cost for the passport and let the photographer become a staff member of the consulate to bypass the Geneva restriction.

The staff at the consulate and Embassy has been a political position and never been based on meritocracy, competency and such aberration put Haiti at a disadvantage when those incompetents have to defend Haiti interest with other foreign Agencies, business or homologue that are highly educated.


On 23 June 2012, Radio Optimum reported Scandals at the Haitian consulates in Florida, Georgia and New York where the new employees are hired based on connection connections not qualification and some of them don't come to work on time or don't work every day and they hired more staff than needed especially young "caliente" women.

There is report that Two hundred thousand US dollars [$200,000] is reported unaccounted for during the last six months ending in June 2012 at the Haitian consulate in New York. There is irregularity in the services for documents search; They hire a photographer that charges for his services at the Haitian consulate in NY and such action is in violation of the Geneva conventions and the US State Department regulations.

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Agent-x says...

Addendum: Scandal at the Haitian consulates an embassy in nothing new. Refers to the preval administration: Haitian consu more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

This is something new? Well,just picture in your head all Haitians are genetically derange to be natural thieves when they occupying official... more »