To be a rational blogger,you must base your opinions from knowledge base.

Agent-x - June 22 2012, 4:46 AM

To be a rational blogger, you must base your opinions from knowledge base not from your caprices, biases,lies, distortion of facts, thin air, magouilles,voyez monte, logorea,verbal masturbation and the likes.

Agent-X has made an effort to show you where some of the information that do not fit to the hostile print about Haiti are located because they don't please the True Axis of Evil-TAoE interests, the Haitian bourgeoisie psychopath and the likes.

Agent-X will return to China soon where he will stay for a few months.

During the interim, you could go back to the Belpolitik archives if you want to consult and return to sources of info that usually give significant news, facts,expert opinions about Haiti.

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