What should happen? A thorough investigation is to be done and...

Linda Chery - June 21 2012, 11:38 PM

What should happen?

A thorough investigation is to be done and turn every stone so no one tries to play the favor card was played and no justice, case closed.

Roro was not even home, the security or body guard are armed and are trained to defend so if the gentleman was the wrong place and it wasnt his intention to rob that sucks but what if he was on a mission to rob, steal, or kill what then. President should be running the country he has enough on his plate why should it affect his presidency that makes no sense was he involved and RORO wasnt even home and this is not someone RORO knows, if investigation shows that something personal w the security officers was with the gentleman even so the victim was on their premise it will be hard to prove, Pres Obama's aunt was found to owe BHA thousands of dollars and his uncle was recently charged w a DUI while in america perhaps illegally it made the tabloid the pres did respond and let the law do its job Haitians tend to harp on wronging by association especially when they dont like you, if you breathe its a Problem!

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