Forum examines HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean

Agent-x - June 21 2012, 6:32 PM

According to finalcall-com on 21 June 2012, Chicago AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton (left) speaks at a panel on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Caribbean.

Also seated are Dr. Susan Lowe, Marixta Vidal; Professor Monique Germain and Ricardo Jimenez.

Photo: La Risa Lynch

CHICAGO - While many Caribbean nations and even the United States struggle to get a handle on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Cuba seemingly has the disease under control, and now has one of the lowest HIV/AIDS infection rates.

When the first symptoms of HIV/AIDS appeared on that island nation in 1983, the Cuban government saw the disease as a public health crisis and took drastic, sometimes unorthodox steps, to curtail the disease spread.


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